My Experience with a Discount Real Estate Broker


For a long time I have been wanting to buy a piece of real estate property. My girlfriend and I have been planning on getting married already next year and we wanted to be prepared for that as much as possible. And for me one of the ways by which I can prepare for that is by buying a home before we get married.

When it comes to the home that I want to buy, I knew what I wanted. I wanted a house in the suburbs with enough free space in the back where our future kids can play. A colleague found out that I was looking for a home and recommended a discount real estate broker that she just recently used. I asked her what the difference between such a broker with a regular broker. She said that based on the name itself this means that this broker has a lower service fee compared with a regular broker. Hearing that got me hooked so I got the contact number of the broker from her. I contacted the broker and set up an appointment. We met the following weekend at a cafe near my home.

The broker was a man. He said that he is from a Discount real estate broker san diego firm. They have had a lot of clients in the past years because of their lower charges. Now I told him the kind of house that I was looking for. I told him the budget that I can afford for it. He asked me if I was open to buying a house that was previously owned. I said yes. He was very nice to talk to. He was warm and friendly but remained professional. I liked his demeanor. He then proceeded to discuss the rates that he charge his clients. The rate was reasonable. He told me that he will be doing the research and he will contact me once he gets leads on properties that may be of interest for me.

After just two days he contacted me and told me that he will be emailing me properties that might be of interest to me. I liked what he researched. He asked me to pick the top three that I liked and that he would schedule for my visit there. He really gave quality service to me. I am so glad that I hired his services. Know Discount real estate broker California here.


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